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Technology Resources


The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) has recognized teletherapy as a valid means of service delivery for speech and language disorders. This resource shares the positives of online therapy, as well as some potential challenges, so that your options can be fully explored and evaluated.

On a Video Call

Adding APHASIA to your Medical ID

Learn how to add "APHASIA" to the medical ID on your cell phone. This will allow first responders to know that you have Aphasia in case of an emergency, and possibly improve overall communication. 

Emergency Vehicles

Aphasia Software Finder

Aphasia Software Finder aims to help people with Aphasia find apps and software that may be useful to them.

Aphasia Software Finder.PNG

Using Captions on Google Meet

Google Meet recently added real timing captioning during video calls. Learn how to turn captioning on with our step-by-step instructions. 


Technology: Why It's More Important Than Ever

Aphasia makes communicating with family and friends challenging. People with Aphasia often rely on visual cues such as facial expressions, gestures, or written words to enhance their speaking and understanding. However, social distancing rules and face masks have created a new roadblock to communicating with our loved ones. Technology can help us feel connected.

Crowd with Masks
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