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Brooke Lang, M.A., CCC-SLP
Telepractice Aphasiologist

I am a Speech Language Pathologist working in the Pittsburgh area, specializing in the area of Aphasia and Apraxia Treatment.  

I have worked at the VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System, serving as a lead clinician in their unique intensive aphasia program (PIRATE), as well as a part time research assistant, working under some of the most well-known Aphasia research professionals and Aphasiologists in the field of speech pathology.  


I have worked for a private practice, providing speech and language telepractice services to individuals with Aphasia and Apraxia.

In my 10+ years of experience, I have observed far too often that individuals with Aphasia are discharged after only a few weeks of therapy, hardly understanding what Aphasia is, and still feeling there is a lot of progress to be made in both communicative and physical abilities. You might be told you have "plateaued" or you've made as much progress as you can make given the severity of your brain damage.  


This has been my main motivation for starting my own practice.  My goal is to prove to you, the Aphasia community, and our medical professionals that there is no end in recovery. There is hope for ongoing progress and improved quality of life through motivation, hard work, and customized treatment plans. 

Brooke is a registered telehealth provider in Florida. Per Florida guidelines we are required to provide access to their Department of Health. You can access the Florida Department of Health here:

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