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Aphasia Resources

Intensive Aphasia Therapy

Let us build a customized intensive aphasia therapy plan for you. 

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What is Intensive Aphasia Therapy?

Intensive Aphasia Therapy typically takes place at least 3 hours a day for at least 2 weeks. Intensive Comprehensive Aphasia Programs (ICAP) can range from 10-40 hours of therapy a week. Therapy usually includes individual aphasia therapy, group therapy, computerized therapy and other recreational programs.

Customized Intensive Aphasia Therapy

How can we help?

Integrative Reconnective Aphasia Therapy (IRAT) can provide a personalized and intensive Aphasia therapy schedule that is built just for you.

Individualized treatment programs will be designed and administered by certified Speech Language Pathologists, specializing in Aphasia and Apraxia of Speech. Programs will be developed based on personally identified goals and specific language impairments. Treatments are not determined in advance, and tasks may change throughout the treatment process to adapt to your changing needs and progression.

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What do clients say about our program?

Caregiver's Perspective: 

Client's Perspective: 


Our program is implemented ONLINE,

which offers the following advantages:

  • Affordable program costs: Online therapy eliminates all travel and lodging costs. Additionally,  you will only be charged for your 1:1 speech therapy sessions. Individualized home practice and a weekly group session will be available to you at no additional cost. 


  • Start when you’re ready: We do not require you to be 6 months post stroke. We can start an intensive program as soon as you are able to tolerate intensive hours. 


  • No required medical clearance: Online therapy allows you to work from home in the environment you are comfortable in. We will assess your ability to tolerate intensive therapy to ensure it is a good fit, however, we do not require a medical evaluation to participate in therapy. ​


  • You do not need to be independent in your Activities of Daily Living: You can still have your usual support system in your home to assist you with your daily activities. 


  • A caregiver is not required:  Although we encourage you to include family and friends for training and education, it is not a requirement to participate in intensive therapy. 


  • You can continue therapy with us: ​Following your intensive therapy, you will have the option to reduce your session frequency and continue receiving aphasia therapy with us.


Therapy Schedule

We will work with you to customize a therapy schedule that best fits your schedule. However, we have provided two potential schedule options below to make it easier for you.

Option 1

(2) 60 minute sessions


5 days a week for 4 weeks


This will result in a total of 40 hours of therapy.

Option 2

(1) 60 minute session and

(1) 120 minute session


5 days a week for 4 weeks

This will result in a total of 60 hours of therapy.


On average, total program cost ranges from approximately $4,800-$6,600 for the four weeks, depending on the intensity level you select.

Are we an Intensive Comprehensive Aphasia Program (ICAP)?

Although we provide intensive Aphasia Therapy, we are not an ICAP. Our program closely mirrors an ICAP by providing a variety of treatment approaches and formats, targeting both impairment and participation levels of language and includes education for participants and family members. However, by definition, an ICAP must also provide a minimum of 3 hours of daily treatment over a period of at least 2 weeks and have a group of participants starting and ending at the same time (Rose, Cherney, Worrall; 2013). In order to accommodate patient’s schedules and tolerance for therapy, we offer a variety of customizable intensity schedules. Additionally, we are not currently accepting cohorts of participants on set dates. We aim to keep wait time down by allowing people to start their intensive therapy journey as soon as we are able to coordinate a schedule.

Does Intensive Therapy work?

Throughout Aphasia research, intensive therapy has been associated with larger gains for Persons with Aphasia. Intensive therapy aligns with the Principles of Neuroplasticity (Kleim and Jones, 2008) in that it encourages repetitive practice which allows for neuroplasticity to take place. Although intensive therapy is associated with great gains in therapy, it is important to remember that there is no “cure” for Aphasia. Even after intensive practice, you may find that you still have trouble formulating grammatical sentences, following fast-paced conversations, reading lengthy articles, and/or accessing the words you want as quickly as you once did. However, intensive treatment often allows for greater communicative gains over a shorter period of time.

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