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Outside Resources

National Aphasia Association

The NAA provides Aphasia-friendly resources and articles for Persons with Aphasia and Caregivers. You can also search their affiliates list for resources in your area. 

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Constant Therapy

Constant Therapy creates speech and language therapy apps for patients recovering from stroke and TBI, or living with aphasia, dementia, and other neurological conditions. 

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Beyond High C

Beyond High C is an online place to practice the strategies and skills people gain in speech therapy. It offers a weekly group class, a Practice Partners program and short private coaching sessions designed to help you plan and practice getting your words out while communicating with others with Aphasia, Stroke Survivors and others who are working to improve their communication skills. It offers an active, free, private Facebook Group for the purpose of posting practice videos and receiving support and feedback from your peers and from the coaches and facilitators of Beyond High C. You can join here.

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Sing For Speech

Sing for speech is an interactive, online therapeutic program for families, care teams, and speech and music therapists.

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Speech Recovery Pathways

Speech Recovery Pathways' mission is to support the ongoing need for adults with stroke or brain injury to have regular meaningful communication practice and opportunities to reintegrate into the community. Their weekly virtual groups include: Aphasia support groups, Memory/problem solving groups, Cognitive groups and Partner Training for Couples.


Just A.S.K

Just A.S.K (Aphasia Stroke Knowledge) is a place to find resources and supports for people with Aphasia/Stroke/TBI and their care partner.

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Aphasia Simulation

Try this Aphasia Simulation to gain a better perspective of what it may be like to have Aphasia.

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Tactus Therapy

Tactus Therapy creates speech and language therapy apps for adults recovering from a stroke. They also have a variety of free Aphasia-friendly resources available.

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S.A.Y: Younger Aphasia Group

S.A.Y is an online group for Young Adults with Aphasia. They have a Facebook group and meet online. 

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Stroke Information & Resource Guide

Learn more about what causes a stroke, how to identify a stroke, and potential early interventions

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